PROJECT Black and White

* maximum size A4 (29,7 cm by 21,0 cm)
* art-work in black - white and middle tones
* techniques are free
* suitable for all ages
* send before october 2017 (exhibition after okt. 2017)
* please write your name, address, country and Email-address

Mail-art project: Black and White send to:
Jonckbloetplein 24, 2523 AR Den Haag, The Netherlands

woensdag 24 mei 2017

Pietro Romano Matarrese

Giovanni and Renata StraDaDa performers

Tiziana Baracchi

Virtual Museum 3

Baitistella Elisa

Silvano Petrone

Silvano Petrone

Angela Caporaso

Roberta Scala

Piet Franzen

woensdag 17 mei 2017

Raquel Gociol

Ruud Janssen

Klaus Pinter

Marina Salmaso

Kursi artists group Ilmar

Fraenz Frisch

Once upon a time

Etching + Mother and child

Walter Brovia

Zlatko Krstevski

Tofu art