PROJECT Black and White

* maximum size A4 (29,7 cm by 21,0 cm)
* art-work in black - white and middle tones
* techniques are free
* suitable for all ages
* send before october 2017 (exhibition after okt. 2017)
* please write your name, address, country and Email-address

Mail-art project: Black and White send to:
Jonckbloetplein 24, 2523 AR Den Haag, The Netherlands

vrijdag 27 oktober 2017

your support

I aks your support to vote for my art. It's a lioness and cub.
This year is important for me. Help me win this competition.
You can vote by your e-mail address.
You get a reply. This you confirm and you have voted for me.

Thank you for your support!!!

Please help me motivate others to vote for me. Every vote counts!